Stay Safe In Vegas, Don’t Gamble With Your Life

One death every 6 days and nearly one injury a day make bad odds to be a pedestrian in Las Vegas, as recently reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

“In 2012, the last full year for which national statistics are available, pedestrians died at a higher rate in Clark County than in the counties that include Manhattan, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago and Dallas.”

In a recent article by (8 News Now) it was reported that 20% of all the traffic deaths in Las Vegas are pedestrian fatalities.

Pedestrian fatality statistics in Las Vegas are frightening. With all the dazzling spectacles in the city, it is easy for one to become distracted. A slightly intoxicated pedestrian with a smart phone taking a quick detour across traffic lanes trying to catch that cool picture of the fountains at the Bellagio that just erupted, or a quick dash across the four deadly lanes of Las Vegas Blvd to get a fast selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris, multiplied by a thousand times, one only wonders why more pedestrians are not added to the death statistic. When you couple this temporary narcissistic pedestrian behavior with a driver just arriving into town, after five hours on the dull open highway and suddenly having to deal with a passenger yelling to look at that hooker over there and, “OMG! Stop! I have to get a picture of the High Roller,” or, Wham! The car next to you hits a tourist and the body does a cartwheel through the air in front of you. You take a quick glance at the flying blur and Wham! You hit a homeless dude pushing a cart. One can easily understand how pedestrian fatalities are a big issue in Las Vegas.

Some Rules of thumb to increase your odds of having a safe trip without killing a pedestrian or becoming one of the statistics yourself.

  1. If you drive on the Las Vegas streets, don’t use your cell phone. There is a hands free law here for a reason.
  2. If you have a passenger in the car, turn them into radars to keep a lookout for dashing pedestrians.
  3. Don’t drink while driving. That’s against the law too.
  4. If you are a pedestrian, don’t “jaywalk”, cross at the cross walks and don’t lollygag when crossing. Jaywalking is a crime too.
  5. By the way, in America passing on the right is one of the social mores that is also adhered to in Las Vegas. This applies to walking in cross walks when crossing a street.  You can get a ticket for being on the left side of a cross walk if you impede on-coming pedestrians.  Stay to the right.
  6. Don’t text, or use a cell phone when crossing streets. That is against the law too.
  7. Instead of driving or walking, consider taking a cab.
  8. Use the phone app mention in the book to get to where you are going the quickest way, whether by taxi or walking. The app also provides a check on the taxi rate.

Reducing the odds of getting in to trouble in Sin City is what The Las Vegas Insider’s Guide by Titus Nelson is all about. The book not only provides the reader with clear, succinct information on how to avoid being part of the pedestrian fatality statistic, and how to avoid many of the other dangers in the city. If you do get into trouble and need an attorney, The Las Vegas Insider’s Guide has a list of attorneys with good reviews.

Have fun in Las Vegas, be informed, and stay safe.