Taking Great Photo’s In Las Vegas

Nautical Dusk With a little planning, you can take some envious photos around Las Vegas.  With millions of colored lights, one can become mesmerized by the endless variety of colors, light intensities, reflections, and movement on the streets.  One is tempted to just point their camera and shoot.  Others are so caught up with selfis and shooting friends that they too miss wonderful photo taking opportunities.  To get a great photo in Las Vegas takes a good place at the right time and a small amount of camera expertise.

Some of the most dazzling photos of Las Vegas are taken during the periods of Nautical Dusk (twilight) and Astronomical Dusk (twilight) – the Golden Hour.  During this twilight period, the sky becomes a dark blue, the sun dips over the horizon, and the city lights come on and the stars begin to appear.  A photo of the city lights just coming on with a dark blue sky with stars as a backdrop will become one of your favorite most talked about photos.  You just need to be at the right place at the right time.  Here are a few tips from Las Vegas Insider’s Guide by Titus Nelson.

The right time – A good app for the smart phone is SOL: Sun Clock – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sol-sun-clock-sunrise-sunset/id491537291?mt=8.  With this app, one can easily determine the time that these periods start and end, along with sunrises and sunsets.  You can also set an alarm on the app to give you plenty of time to get to your picture taking location.

The Right Place – Once you determine when you are going to take a picture you then need to find the right place.  One excellent location for this sort of photo is the Top Of The World Restaurant in the Stratosphere Hotel tower.  The restaurant makes a 360-degree rotation every hour.  Make sure you get a table on the North side starting at sometime during civil dusk so that you are facing West and South, looking right down the strip at Nautical Dusk or just at night.  Make sure you have plenty of memory and your batteries are charged.  The following photos were taken from the Stratosphere looking West at Astronomical Dusk and down the strip just at night time.Night