Brahe Church: The Count’s Treasury

64 Pages, 9 x 11 inches, Hardcover
(Full color throughout, in English and Swedish)
ISBN: 978-0-9840266-0-9 (Hardcover) - $34.95

Brahe Church:
The Count’s Treasury
Alyssa Joy Nelson & Leif Wetterö

A comprehensive photo-history of the ancient 1636 Brahe Church on Visingsö Island in Southern Sweden.

Written in both English and Swedish, the high quality color photographs provide a unique visual journey through the history, Baroque architecture, and valuable royal and religious artifacts of the Brahe Church.

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Amazon Reviews (5 Stars)

“An excellent combination of beauty, history and many irreplaceable religious paintings, sculptures, books and other art throughout the church. The photography is superb. The discussion of the church and its development is factual, succinct and easily read.”

“A wonderful visual and written history of little known treasures contained in the Brahe Church. The book is easy to follow as it tells the interesting history of this still active church – truly a ‘jewel of Sweden’.”

“Excellent history book...especially great for anyone researching genealogy in Sweden or who desires to know the beginnings of the Christian roots of the great Swedish kings.”

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