Las Vegas Insider's Guide

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Las Vegas Insider’s Guide:


Includes 650 Links and apps
to optimize your experience

The Las Vegas Insider’s Guide is a POWERFUL guidebook for fun city, with FAST, SAFE and EFFECTIVE ways to stay informed on what is happening in the city.

The CRIME MAP link is just a small example of how this Award Winning guidebook helps YOU Keep Safe while having a blast in Las Vegas. Should you walk, drive, or take a cab. This book will save you money on transportation and provides tips that will save your feet.

Las Vegas has many GRAY AREAS where unsuspecting tourists get into trouble. The author explains the difference between accepted practices and those areas that are strictly illegal. Prostitution, thought to be legal in Las Vegas is strictly forbidden, however, many tourists, male and female, enjoy the company of escorts. The difference between the two is a fine line that you need to understand before venturing into this fascinating side of the city. An Appendix in the guidebook is loaded with supporting statutes that will arm you with all you need to Survive in Sin City.

Texting and using a cell phone in a crosswalk will get you a ticket and carrying that drink that was legal on one side the street can get you thrown in the slammer on the other side. This is the only guidebook for Las Vegas that explains the importance of knowing where you are which is highly relevant to what activities you are enjoying.

Smart phone apps are very helpful and the Las Vegas Insider’s Guide provides you with a whole slew of POWERFUL apps to help you know where you are, finding a place to meet, knowing when the best time is to take photos, finding nearby restaurants and shows, how to meet people, and how to determine the shortest distance to your destination and the best way to travel. There is even an app for checking cab fares. An example is Vegas Indoor Maps that provides indoor maps of all the major hotels. Over 20 apps are listed with links in Appendix G.

Poker/Gambling Tips Poker/Gambling Tips
Relaxing Hotspots Relaxing Hotspots
Recreation/Entertainment Recreation/Entertainment
Transportation Tips Transportation Tips


Gambling Venues • Adult Entertainment • Shows • Foreign Tourist Interests • Gay/Lesbian Interests

Casinos and Resorts • Bar & Liquor Laws • Brothels • Male & Female Escorts • Escort Agencies • Strip Clubs, Topless & Nude Clubs • Ladies Clubs • Pool Parties • Gyms & Spas • Massage Parlors • Theater & Broadway • Magic & Hypnosis Shows • Museums • VIP Service • Overseas Newspapers • Bars & Clubs • LGBT Areas of Las Vegas

Transportation • Guns • High Risk Areas of Las Vegas

Taxi Cabs & Limousines • Car Rentals • Buses & Monorail • Driving to Las Vegas & Speed Traps • Traffic & Speeding Tickets • Surveillance Cameras and Web Cams • State/Local Laws & Ordinances • Attorneys and where to find them • Open Alcohol Container Laws • Gun Shops • Shooting Ranges & Firearms Training • Gun Restrictions & Concealed-Carry Laws • Street Hookers & Sex Ads • Sex Trafficking & Drugs

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