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“An excellent, well-researched personalized review of how to enjoy the fun and relaxation of Las Vegas while avoiding possible pit falls. The author clearly describes the sights, sounds and adventures of the city and how to avoid problems in new situations. He is professional and instructive when discussing the various sexual businesses that might be encountered. The reader will appreciate that his information, gained from careful research, is more reliable than advice from casual bystanders.”

~ Bigger Books Review (5 Stars)

"A comprehensive guide to Las Vegas. There is no topic which is not discussed in this book, especially its adult make up, containing much information in that direction. It starts with Las Vegas at a glance, explains how to navigate in and around the city, and gives advice regarding all sorts of fun while staying away from trouble. Quite extensive is the ready reference at the end of the book."

~ Readers Favorite Reviews (4 Stars)

My wife and I made a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Las Vegas. By chance we bought a copy of the Las Vegas Insider's Guide before the trip. This guide book is spot-on with good information from gun ranges to how to play the one-arm bandits and everything you need to know to nail down a good show and where to find a good buffet. We especially enjoyed the recommended apps which saved us money with distances, walking directions and times so we didn't need a cab. If we needed a cab we know what the fair should be so we never got ripped off. The app that tells you when nautical dusk occurs was very useful when we rode the High Roller and were able to get some good photos of the city lights, dark blue sky and some stars just coming out.

Being in the right place at the right time made the book invaluable for getting some of those priceless photographs. The grand finale was going out to the Pro Gun Club to shoot some high powered ammo, the likes of would bring tears to any Australian. Las Vegas has many temptations and there are lots of gray areas for tempting young and old alike. The Las Vegas Insider's Guide will become your friend as you skirt the gray zones. You don't need to knock on the doors and peer inside as the author was already been there. Let him guide you through the city of sin for a trip of your life.

~ QBD Books, Australia

This book is the real deal! I found it to be a great resource for Nevada statues, websites and an insightful guide for many things to do. The eBook provides active links, maps & applications that I used with my iPhone. I recommend both the book & eBook for anyone planning a trip to Las Vegas.

~ Customer Review (5 Stars)

Wow! What a fantastic read! I have been a resident of Henderson, Nevada for about fifteen years now, and usually only venture into Las Vegas when relatives or friends come to visit. With each and every chapter I learned new and interesting facts! And not only do you get a ton of information from the text, but there are a ton of links to help you learn to thrive and survive Las Vegas! It's very well organized and easy to follow. This book would be an excellent gift for your friends and family members that think they know how to win over Las Vegas. Remember friends, this town wasn't built on winners, however the 'Las Vegas Insider's Guide: Save Money, Keep Safe, Operate and Survive in Sin City' will help you on your way to come, conquer, and enjoy your stay in Las Vegas.

~ Customer Review (5 Stars)

5 + stars!!! Wow! Reads like a who-done-it novel. Well organized with tons of information, including links, links and more links to go deeper into each topic. Going to Las Vegas you are entering another universe, and can get into trouble real fast. Did you know a moving traffic ticket is a misdemeanor criminal offense? Find many useful tips that you didn’t even know you needed! You will be given rules-of-thumb that will greatly enhance your stay, keep money in your pocket, and even find that interesting out-of-the-way place that only locals know about. This is more than a tourist guide; it is a survival manual. Learn how to stay out of trouble in sin city. Fantastic! Learn how to gamble, where to stay, where to eat and more – much more. Your kids going to LV- Buy the book and give it to them before they go for the music event or birthday bash.

~ Customer Review (5 Stars)

A rarity which gives you the best tools for you to have the most enjoyable visit. This while having the option to manage your risks. Well organized easy to get the information you need.

~ Customer Review (5 Stars)
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